Welcome to Biothene

Welcome to Biothene

Plastic and its impact on the environment is moving rapidly up the green agenda. About 13 billion single-use bags are given out to UK shoppers every year and takes hundreds of years to decay. 

Biothene®, a new oxy-degradable polythene, is a radical solution to the problem. 

Biothene® is a material which starts to degrade upon exposure to sunlight and is accelerated by heat. Once the material has been broken down into small particles these degrade biologically into a non-toxic residue within 12 – 18 months. 

The original idea was first developed in the 1970s by The Royal College of Forestry in Stockholm and in the last five years developed further to make it more widely available worldwide. 

Biothene® not only promotes the wider use of degradable products, it also promotes a more detailed approach to sustainable packaging. Key promotional points are:

Biothene - The Degradable Alternative